The game has a very specific aesthetic, built around beautiful global illumination and a physically-based rendering pipeline that adds a stunning level of realism and precision to the way materials interact with the lighting. It seems that even the least important elements in any given scene can be individually dismantled, right down to single drawers in any given desk. Beyond frame-rate, there are some further issues that could use further tweaking if possible. top-tier quality encodes of our content. Our videos are multi-gigabyte files and we've chosen a high quality provider to ensure Perhaps surprisingly, it's the PS4 that drops hardest and longest, making it noticeably the least performant version of the game. Digital FoundryAssassin's Creed Valhalla patch 1.0.4: Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 re-tested. Bref, les 6 teraflops de la Xbox One X sont visiblement bien mis à contribution ! The good news is that all console versions of Control essentially deliver the exact same visual feature set, the only real exception we could find being an adjustment to the shadow rendering solution on the base Xbox One. This is followed by the PS4 Pro. It's mildly off-putting, but not a major issue. Control is still a good-looking game on all systems, and it's actually the game's performance that is the primary issue here, to the point where we strongly recommend playing on the enhanced consoles and checking out our performance numbers closely before considering play on either the standard Xbox One or indeed the base PlayStation 4. Where to find and how to complete all Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima. Best of the bunch is clearly Xbox One X. Enfin, c’est également une section, Xbox Series X|S : Tous les jeux du line-up de lancement et jusque fin 2020, Kingpin : Reloaded est repoussé suite à une refonte du développement, Cyberpunk 2077 : Les DLC et le mode multijoueur après la sortie du jeu, Cyberpunk 2077 : Selon le studio, plus de 50% des ventes seront dématérialisées, Xbox News #31 – baisse de prix carte Seagate, RDNA2 et business model du Xbox Game Pass, Les Xbox Series X|S se sont vendues à 14 100 exemplaires en Espagne. to supply high quality 4K video for offline viewing. Digital Foundry specialises in technical analysis of gaming hardware and software, Perhaps not surprisingly, Xbox One X sits at the top of the pile, with 1440p looking like a fairly close approximation to a 4K image thanks to the temporal super-sampling technique in play. subscription fee of $5. The game's visuals are augmented by a ramped up version of Remedy's animation engine, with Control's physics and particle effects delivering some astonishing action. Overall, I do think Control is worth checking out - especially so if you're on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X - as it's absolutely fascinating from a design perspective. It's nowhere near as consistent as the X build, but it's a night and day improvement over the problematic base consoles. Je joue sur toutes les plateformes, pc compris et je pense qu’il serait bien d’éviter de balancer de l’huile sur le feu dans cette guéguerre de gamin. Some aspects of the presentation - like the omni-present film grain - are tied to base resolution, so the progression in resolution across the console stack is fairly easy to notice. Yes, you're given objectives to achieve, but there's no on-screen pointer telling you where to go. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. Microsoft à sorti une bien meilleure machine que la PS4 Pro, et qu’elle soit sortie ” 1an après ” ça ne change rien. Control sur Xbox One : retrouvez toutes les informations, les tests, les vidéos et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. Par contre, il y a un vrai intérêt à ce genre de vidéo pour connaître le résultat technique, savoir le gap entre Xbox ou One X, quel version acheter si on a plusieurs consoles, etc. Entrez votre nom d'utilisateur ou votre adresse e-mail. The same trick is used on all other versions, just with adjustments to the base resolution. Unfortunately, the most significant issue here lies in the obstrusive loading after you die - think Bloodborne and you'll have some idea of what I'm talking about here. The game is worth checking out but there are performance issues and some of them can be show-stopping, depending on the hardware you're gaming on. games and hardware run, visualising precisely what they're capable of. Control does a reasonable job of streaming in world data as you play but you'll notice textures drawing in at points. Thank you. Getting to the bottom of the game's reported frame-rate problems. In marketing the game, Remedy and publisher 505 have pushed PC to the forefront, to the extent where not much was seen of the console versions prior to launch. It works on the Sony and Microsoft boxes, but the game reaches another level on PC, with Control featuring one of the most impressive DXR ray tracing implementations we've seen. Find out more about the benefits of our Patreon. What we have here is astonishing attention to detail on the smaller scale stuff, all kicking off within the grander destruction of the overall scene. C’est comme ça. Our verdict so far? J’espère un patch salvateur pour le framerate sur xbox one s, sinon j’attendrai une version stadia pour y jouer. I'm not just talking abot the visuals as such (though they are unique in many ways) but more in how the game doesn't hold your hand. using state-of-the-art capture systems and bespoke software to show you how well to show you what 4K gaming actually looks like we needed to build our own platform While Series S sees hardware ray tracing effects for the first time. How well does Remedy's latest blockbuster, Control, stack up on consoles? Et sans surprise la version Xbox One X surplombe le lot, de la tête, et des épaules ! There's a new Tomb Raider game launching next year, Red Dead Online is getting a standalone release next week on PC and consoles. To begin with, Control flatters to deceive and the first hour of the game plays out quite smoothly on the consoles. fast downloads. We think it's a small price to pay for unlimited access to Ce serait bien que les gens se rende compte que la communauté sur Xbox est moins toxique que sur ps4 ( car c’est le cas). All items behave independently, and the sheer amount of them in any given scene creates scenes of unparalleled destruction. dark1x. In our performance video, we choose a shoot-out in an Atrium and a battle in a power plant to draw some comparisons. Perhaps this was inevitable bearing in mind the scale of ambition seen in this game. Et cet article est très intéressant pour ceux en effet qui, comme moi, ont les deux consoles. Et sans surprise la version Xbox One X surplombe le lot, de la tête, et des épaules ! The bottom line? RecommendedCarrion review - an unforgettable monster chews its way out of a solid Metroidvania, RecommendedRaji: An Ancient Epic review - a gorgeous adventure through architecture and myth, Ghost of Tsushima - Mythic Tales locations: Where to find all musicians and get Mythic armour rewards. Ton commentaire m’a fait bien rire, moi je suis content de cette concurrence, les graphismes progressent en conséquence et ce pour nos mirettes, donc pourvu que ce concours continue! Bercé aux jeux vidéo depuis l’Amstrad, j’ai vécu ma vie vidéoludique sur cet adage: mieux vaut rouler en fiesta et avoir un paquet de jeux, qu’en Porsche, et d’en avoir aucun! C’est effectivement le sens. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Beyond that, everything seems to be locked for each system - but of course, there are variations in pixel counts and frame-rates. Voilà, ça c’est symptomatique de la mauvaise foi du fanboy de base. More problematic are the loading times and texture pop-in. Please enable cookies to view. Remedy's Northlight engine has evolved considerably since the debut of Quantum Break three years ago. RiderOfTheApocalypse 30 août 2019, 14h30. John Linneman and Alex Battaglia get to grips with all console versions of Control. Nos amis geeks technos de Digital Foundry viennent de publier la vidéo comparative des versions consoles de Control, le dernier bébé de Remedy. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can see prolonged frame-rate drops in sustained combat, dropping all the way down to 10 frames per second at its absolute worst. His keen eye for and obsession with high frame-rates have earned him the nickname "The Human FRAPS" in some circles. Nothing helped - this is how the game actually plays and it's not pretty. Quant aux exclus, argument bidon. Nous ne souhaitons pas troller, pas tomber dans la gueguerre des consoles et d’ailleurs, nous jouons sur toutes les machines. PC coverage to follow! Quand on a qu’une seule console, on ne passe pas son temps à ne jouer qu’aux exclus dessus. On Xbox One S, I encountered stuttering and momentary freezing during video playback, while small hitches during UI navigation do point to an IO issue of some kind. RiderOfTheApocalypse 1 septembre 2019, 09h23. Vous recevrez un lien par e-mail pour créer un nouveau mot de passe. It's down to you to survey the environment and generally be more observant than you need to be in the usual triple-A title. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. Never miss a thing. Staff Writer, Digital Foundry  |  Vous me direz que Remedy avait déjà bien bossé sur la machine, notamment avec le développement de Quantum Break, et son optimisation sur X. Les divers patchs pourront sans doute corriger certains écueils. Plus: 4K quality modes and Series S 60fps tested. So we did. Le plus pb en fait, c’est le rendu sur les machines d’origine…c’est n’importe quoi ! Combine that with the state-of-the-art visuals and the brilliant combat and Control simply has to be played - but it's PC or the enhanced consoles that play the game best. Je suis d’accord que c’est puéril mais outre le côté “c’est ma console la meilleure”, il y a une information utile pour ceux qui ont les deux et qui peuvent donc choisir mieux la plateforme idéal pour ce jeu. Most of the world feels relatively seamless save for short pauses when moving between major sections. Il vaut le détour? An American living in Germany, John has been gaming and collecting games since the late 80s. It looks different, but can hardly be described as a lower quality implementation. Overall, I do think Control is worth checking out - especially so if you're on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X - as it's absolutely fascinating from a design perspective. For more information, go here. Digital FoundryMafia: Definitive Edition - impressive tech that sets the stage for next-gen. All consoles tested, plus a look at Hangar 13's cool ray tracing alternative. It ran so poorly that we ran through a range of checks, from rebooting the console completely to running Control on other PS4 units (the fan kicking in hard on a launch model). Xbox One X delivers by far and away the best console experience on all counts, but the PS4 Pro is a decent enough runner-up. Mais malheureusement pour les enragés, 2013 est bien loin. Digital FoundrySuper Mario 3D All-Stars: remasters, emulation - or a mixture of both? The vanilla PlayStation 4 gets a bump to 900p, rising to 1080p on PlayStation 4 Pro. Thanks for taking part! Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Comments for this article are now closed. First of all, the game's loading systems aren't quite as optimal as we'd like. It's by far the smoothest experience overall, but hitching and stuttering still interupt the flow of the game. La cata, diront certains. It's the way games used to be, and the way I like them. He’s also responsible for the creation of DF Retro. Amateur dev remakes CD-i games Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon so we can suffer them again, 27 years later, Digital FoundryWatch Dogs: Legion - essentially identical on PS5 and Xbox Series X. une PS4 Pro pour toutes les exclus Sony, et une One X parce que tous les autres jeux tiers sont bien meilleurs dessus sur écran 4K. In order Similar to Quantum Break, the vanilla Xbox One uses a base 720p resolution with a temporal accumulation technique that gives the impression of a much cleaner image. Xbox One S is better, there's no doubt about it, but it's still a highly unsatisfactory experience overall - a notch above PS4 in troublesome combat but still a game it's hard to recommend. This content is hosted on an external platform, which will only display it if you accept targeting cookies. However, that bandwidth isn't free and so we charge a small monthly It's the attention to detail here that really impresses - smash a glass window and the individual slats of the blind behind it react realistically. Avec une résolution de 1440p, agrémentée d’un anti aliasing efficace, le visuel sur Xbox One X se révèle extrêmement propre. Nos amis geeks technos de Digital Foundry viennent de publier la vidéo comparative des versions consoles de Control, le dernier bébé de Remedy. Quelqu’un a essayé le jeu? Doté d’un framerate en 30 images par secondes très stable, les rixes en deviennent d’autant plus jouissives ! Microsoft a les moyens de faire beaucoup mieux que Sony, à n’importe quel moment. Let's make no bones about it - the game is brilliant and a stunning technological showcase. On te reconnaît qu’il y. Peut être une maladresse dans le titre qui peut laisser penser a ça mais ce n’est pas nos valeurs. Si la meilleure version avait été sur PS4 Pro, on aurait eu droit, comme en 2013 avec une One un poil moins puissante, à ” lol mdrr la One X en PLS ah ah ah “. And it'll cost $4.99 USD for a limited time. However, as you press further into the game, the more you'll start to notice some serious slow-down. Vous devez être connecté pour publier un commentaire. Autant ne pas sortir le jeu dans cet état ! Avec une résolution de 1440p, agrémentée d’un anti aliasing efficace, le visuel sur Xbox One X se révèle extrêmement propre. Reflections move a step beyond the solution featured in Quantum Break to signed distance fields, a form of ray tracing seen before on console in titles such as The Tomorrow Children and Claybook - and here it's used to generate rough reflections used in conjunction with screen-space reflections. En ce qui concerne les consoles de base, la version Xbox One S tourne en 720p, avec de grosses chutes de framerate, lorsque l’écran se charge ! All Rights Reserved. Right now, the base PS4 and Xbox One versions do need work in getting them into shape. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Ce concours de bite est d’un ridicule, il faut croire que la communauté Xbox ne vaut pas mieux que Ps4. Will you support the Digital Foundry team? Again, like Remedy's previous game, it does tend to lose fidelity in motion, but the overall look is good.
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