All that's left of the poor guy is a skeleton.] She then challenges him to confront her one final time, but without Liu Kang by his side. We have work to do. Fujin: Thank you for aiding us. Many will die. [Shang Tsung sucks energy out of Resurrected Nightwolf and heals his wounds completely. Shang Tsung: Only in our present. Do you? I trust you are enjoying your travels? Jax, however, is not satisfied for what he has done, unlike his younger counterpart after he saved his daughter from her fate. Shang Tsung: We are not together. Okay bozos. Suddenly, the base is attacked by the Black Dragon and the Cyber Lin Kuei. Nineties Dad. [Shang Tsung is smiling radiantly.] Scorpion: I shall. Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion's living present-self then arrives, and enquires as to the whereabouts of Sektor, as he doesn't want him to threaten his clan again. Kotal: I recall my captivity in your Flesh Pits all too well. Kronika is keen to question you. Young Shang Tsung: The Hourglass awaits. Raiden: We must capture him, quickly. Johnny starts to find common ground with his past self as they jointly admire Sonya, before the younger Cage ruins it by being crass and boastful. Resurrected Nightwolf: Is a fraud! Sheeva fights with Baraka.] Then Kronika upended history, and I found myself confronting a future in which I'd been dead for centuries. Nightwolf: I question their judgement. Are you all right? The one, discreetly, calls the knife and tries to cut the chains.] Mortal Kombat started development in 1991 with only four people: Ed Boon (programming), John Tobias (art and story), John Vogel (graphics), and Dan Forden (sound design). Meanwhile, Geras and Frost come to Kronika.] They are saved by the timely arrival of Raiden, who teleports them to the Shirai Ryu Fire Garden seconds before the explosion. Jax: We're all on the same side against Kronika. Disrupting him now could leave his injuries permanent. Fujin: Now do I meet your expectations? Kronika sent her daughter Cetrion to Shang Tsung's former island, in order to take the crown immediately. Mortal Kombat: Aftermath is the upcoming live-action film. After locating Shao Kahn at the Tarkatan Kamp, Jade fights Kollector, and then incapacitates the Tarkatans. Young Shang Tsung: My service to you is over. Young Shang Tsung: The path I chose ends with your souls sworn to my service. Shang Tsung: Fujin, summon the wind! [You can choose your fighter — Sindel or Shao Kahn.] Nightwolf is then defeated and knocked out. After witnessing her daughter's defeat, Kronika then gives Cetrion one final order. [Young Johnny Cage and Cassie are running up to them.] As they are escaping, the older Kano attacks them armed with a minigun. [The fight begins. Scorpion: I understand your mistrust, but I am here to assist you! Now I am the master of time and fate. [Shao Kahn calls for his hammer. Shang Tsung: Kronika came here to retrieve the Crown. I expected better, Fujin. Kitana Kahn: No… Elder Gods damn you, Mother! She then have a reunion for her daughter, Kitana and tells her about her first death at the hands of Quan Chi. Resurrected Sindel: But you, Nightwolf… You get the privilege of suffering most. When Shao Kahn was being tortured by two Shokans, Sindel killed them to rescue Shao Kahn. Sheeva: Thank you, Empress. Cetrion: This failure rests on my shoulders. Shao Kahn: Enough prattle, fools. Sheeva: He will restore your mother, Kitana Kahn. Everything I've been told about you, it's all… lies? But they decline this deal and the Tarkatans attack Shang Tsung, who accidentally made one of them fell into the acid and they all watch as the Tarkatan trooper dissolves. Young Liu Kang: Wrong Scorpion. After saving Jade from Skarlet and convincing Baraka to join her, Kitana, along with her allies, invade the Koliseum. A medical crew then tends to Johnny and Cassie, with Johnny inviting Sonya to dinner as gratitude for saving his life. Super Fujin conjures up a vortex that helps demons. Speaking of, where is Mama Bear? Nightwolf: My revenant… he is close. Jax: That's a card you can't play, Fujin. [There are three figures coming out of the fire portal.] While Sonya refuses to fight him, Johnny insists, telling her that fighting will buy them time. Geras: Of all the Nightwolves I have fought you are the fiercest. Sheeva: Weak?! Fujin: Yes, and now we must bring this to Raiden. The kind one cannot have being the Chosen One, let alone an Elder God. Young Shang Tsung: Fool. Much to Kitana's disgust, she clashed with her mother and was defeated. I must wield it against Sindel and Shao Kahn! (laughs) As Raiden said to Lord Shinnok… There are fates worse than death. [The defeated, lying on the floor, Liu Kang and Kitana try to reach out with their hands, but Shao Kang breaks Liu Kang's arm with an iron boot.] Johnny hauls him out to teach his younger self a lesson. Once he puts on the crown, Liu Kang uses the Hourglass to create a new timeline, where he meets his ancestor, the. Shang Tsung: Now, Fujin. We will rendervous at the Sea of Blood in six hours. Kronika had manipulated me. This is your only chance. Any Matokan can prove worthy of its power. Going after him, Sonya is ambushed by the younger Kano. Fujin: Was that necessary? And to consecrate our bond… I killed Jerrod for him. We're coming - and you don't have a chance in Hell. [Fujin wakes up chained to the ceiling. Shang Tsung: Correct. This ending sets the stage for the beginning of the. Now, as I inherit Kronika's mantle, the way before me is split. Kitana Kahn: How quickly your oath to me is broken, Sheeva. And that display of loyalty is sure to rally the Shokan's spirits. Shao Kahn: All the better. Raiden deduces that the past and present are colliding, while Kotal reunites with his lover, Jade. The squad almost makes it past the Dead Pool but then they are caught by Baraka, and Erron Black, who are accompanied by several more Tarkatan warriors. Resurrected Kitana: Then we crush what remains of them with strength to spare. Dumping cargo to increase their speed, they caught up to Kitana Kahn's ship. Shang Tsung: Always so generous. Fujin: You have already been defeated once, Kronika. Jerrod was weak. Next to him comes Baraka and some Tarkatans.] How did you get here? How could you fall for such lies?! Baraka: Earthrealmers, Sheeva, and a coffin? Young Jax Briggs: About time we had some good news. The Sindel I knew wiped out most of Earthrealm's champions in a single battle. Nightwolf faces Shang Tsung after realizing he had deceived the group in taking the crown. Erron Black and Kitana are the only fighters who only met between their past and present counterparts for a few seconds in cutscene only. With his younger counterpart's death, the older Kano also gets the same wound on his eye that his past self had before he vanishes into sand moments later. Sindel: Hardly. [He sucks the soul out of Raiden and Fujin.] While Kitana lost contact with the Shokan, Commander Cage, and the Special Forces, Kung Lao suspected Sindel's betrayal, but Kitana denies it. I thought your duties required that you stay behind. Man: Do me a favor, Fujin and take one giant step back. However, as Dark Raiden decapitated Shinnok, the balance was damaged, which has prompted Kronika's desire to remove Raiden from the picture. Sindel: Until our next battle. Perhaps in another timeline they could be ours. Cyrax then destroys the main power source of the factory, which disables Cyrax and the rest of the Cyber Lin Kuei, including Sektor, who is transported back to Kronika's lair by Frost and Noob. I would have allowed you to wield great influence. We're giving Orderrealm an enema. Sonya apologises to Cassie, stating that she was wrong to blame Cassie for the death of the older Sonya. We can restore her to life so she can join the fight against Kronika. Two Cinematic Stories Take control of Earthrealm’s protectors in the game’s TWO critically acclaimed, time-bending Story Campaigns as they race to stop Kronika from rewinding time and rebooting history. Mortal Kombat is back and better than ever in the next evolution of the iconic franchise. Cassie Cage: You school me? Fujin: Kronika will not heal your wounds, Jackson. MORTAL KOMBAT 11: AFTERMATH [And he starts… creating. Shang Tsung: Shinnok's Bone Temple. We must get to the Soul Chamber, urgently! Kronika appears and although Geras states that it would be dangerous to let them live, Kronika keeps them alive, as if they die, their revenant counterparts would cease to exist. Kronika: Even if you defeat me, what then? [Hanged monks wake up and jump off their ropes.] Their misplaced confidence will be their demise. Thanks to Raiden's and Liu Kang's combined powers, Earthrealmers and Outworlders realize that, this time, they might have a chance to beat Kronika. Sindel, smiling, summons an army of slaves. Resurrected Liu Kang: Take them to the Bone Temple. You have chosen this fate. Uh, I mean ma'am! Nightwolf: Is it possible that— [Apparently he was blinded.] Fujin: The storm is not yet passed. All who followed Kitana are complicit in her treason. Huge creepy beasts come out of them.] OCP built me to serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law. He's nearly dead.] Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion Lewis Tan as Sub-Zero Tadanobu Asano as Raiden Ludi Lin as Liu Kang Megan Fox as Kitana Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade Casper Van Dien as Johnny Cage Mehcad Brooks as … Category page. Fujin: I will do it. Kronika: Victory is still at hand. Through the power of Kronika's sands of time, the past Kitana is transported to the present timeline along with the other kombatants. You will be beaten. Following this, Kotal was executed by decapitation. A fire portal appears to the right of the magic sphere, which is controlled by Fire God Liu Kang. Shang Tsung: This alliance is temporary. She manages to defeat him, and slashes his face with her fan, seemingly killing him. As the two embrace, Geras begins to regenerate, confirming Liu Kang and Kung Lao’s warning about him, and forcing the trio to evacuate immediately. Fire God Liu Kang: Lord Raiden. My sacrifice will save the Matoka. And you took them away! That's why I'll make a new hell for them, where they can burn together… for eternity. Then the miscreant murdered me, and staged my death as a suicide. He and Sindel then convinced all of Kitana's soldiers (Osh-Tekks and Tarkatans) that Kitana was the traitor and a bad leader. [You can choose your fighter — Sindel or Shao Kahn.] Shao Kahn: Try that on me! He restores his health and wears his iconic helmet. Smells like… Shang Tsung! [Fire God Liu Kang stops performing magic.] The all new Custom Character Variations give you unprecedented control to customize the fighters and make them your own. But when it comes to killing demonic assholes, these guys don't flinch. I'm beyond redemption. Kitana Kahn: Queen Sheeva! Kotal stands in shackles. Sheeva: Escort you and your "comrades” to the Soul Chamber? By betraying him and a better lover and the ultimate weapon… A conqueror to unite all realms and put them at my back and call. Mortal Kombat 11 is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Meanwhile, Kotal Kahn has the imprisoned Kollector brought into the middle of the Outworld Koliseum for execution, for "escaping Kotal's justice and sucking dry the bounty of Outworld's people". While in the Jinsei Chamber, they encounter Frost and Geras and eventually defeat them. But these nincompoops? You can't see the sorcerer himself, though you can recognize his sly—ass crook voice anywhere.] The truth? Nightwolf: Shang Tsung, stop! This is my triumph, and your final moment! You are humble. Shang Tsung knocks him down with a fireball and he flies into acid.] Erron Black: What do you say we skip the preliminaries and y'all come with us quietly? He puts it in his skull. Mortal Kombat is a 1995 American fantasy martial arts action film written by Kevin Droney, directed by Paul Anderson, produced by Lawrence Kasanoff, and starring Robin Shou, Linden Ashby, Bridgette Wilson and Christopher Lambert.It is a loose adaptation of the early entries in the fighting game series Mortal Kombat and the first installment of the live-action Mortal Kombat film series. [But then Young Shang Tsung betrays them! Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Sindel and Fujin have arrived to his island, now in ruins, to find Kronika's Crown. Jacqui angrily demands how her father can do this to her, which prompts him to respond that he's doing it for her. Kronika: No. Cetrion arrives, and convinces them that the crown belongs to her mother. Shao Kahn breaks another leg.] Sindel: He seeks Kronika's power… Why? Sub-Zero informs Hanzo that, while the factory had been previously shut down and buried in the quarry, when the time merger restored Sektor, he reactivated the facility, and kidnapped Lin Kuei warriors to be turned into cyber slaves. Jax with Shang Tsung and Fujin with Noob Saibot. We're running out of time to find Sindel. Sheeva: Have you come from the future only to insult me? Join us on the right side of history. What hope did you have? Shao Kahn: Was that your best? He accuses her of betrayal after all he did for her, whilst Frost counters by accusing him of corrupting the Lin Kuei by making peace with Hanzo, and that with Kronika's help, she will "restore the clan's honor". More specifically, through the hands of my fellow Titans… These monstrous beings are plied easily by appealing to their greed, vanity, and fear. By rejecting Kano, I had proven worthy of an ancient honor. Kitana Kahn: She had a husband! Dark Raiden threatens him, saying that he will be the first. Save your strength for Liu Kang. No matter how many times the Terminator re-booted history, the war between humans and the machines always ended the same. For the first time, I saw the depth of OCP's corruption. But on this journey through history, I will infuse logic with love. Cetrion: I fear no harm. Honor demands that accompany her into battle. Scorpion later arrives to confront his present, living counterpart. Shang Tsung defeats them and then drains the powers from the three, causing their bodies to dry out. He tells Hanzo of his plan to infiltrate the factory – an assault on the main entrance will be bloody, so he proposes to enter via a less-populated entrance, and obtain help from the inside. Kollector: These are indeed strange days. Sub-Zero replies that he is withholding the Lin Kuei principle he thought his brother shared. Fortunately, Cassie places a tracker on their aircraft as it flies away. Fujin defeats Noob and stops Shang Tsung from draining Jax's soul. That's the story, but it's a lie. When left the Sky Temple to live among humans. She approaches and tells Shinnok that the arc of the universe bends at her will, and that it is only a matter of time. Sindel: I must return to Outworld, to aid Kitana Kahn. Have faith in Fujin and Nightwolf. They defeated Sonya, Cassie and past Johnny, seizing their ships that they were planning to take across the Sea of Blood. Nightwolf: Kronika isn't the future, Frost. Cassie then arrives in the cage, freeing both. To be the Chosen One? Two years later, Sonya Blade announces to Cassie Cage, Johnny Cage, Jacqui Briggs, and the Special Forces that Jackson "Jax" Briggs has retired, and therefore, Cassie, Sonya and Johnny's daughter, is promoted to commander, but not before passing her final test against her mother in kombat. They split up, with Hanzo focusing on Cyrax, while Sub-Zero is dealing with the cloaked figure, who is revealed to be Frost. Both tell lies. Shang Tsung: It pleases me to see you, too. Fire God Liu Kang: Then together. Nightwolf: Let's go! Sheeva: I am no sword for hire. Shang Tsung: These traps are excellent. Sindel: Elder Gods tremble before me, Sheeva. Sindel: All that grows closer is her defeat, Geras. Knowing this, Liu Kang chooses Kitana. Go to my island now, we could be ambushed by Cetrion herself. Fujin: Come, let us leave while the crowd is distracted. [They're entering the Soul Chamber. We need speed to overtake Kharon's Fleet! Shang Tsung: Have neither of you any compassion? Nightwolf: Sorcerer, I’ll… Young Shang Tsung: Long have I had visions of this moment. Jade: What in Argus' name is happening out here? [Kitana's looking at the spyglass.] Raiden: Now, Shang Tsung. Kronika has need of you. Together they finish her — Shang Tsung’s fiery snake eats Cetrion alive. Kronika: It should not be. Raiden: "We," Fujin? Sheeva: Why? The fools believe victory is at hand. However, he is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Shang Tsung, Fujin and Nightwolf. Nightwolf: Thank you great spirit. Sub-Zero: Why you have joined Shang Tsung is beyond me, Fujin. As seen in one of Kharon's ships, Shao Kahn smashed past Liu Kang's left leg, in which the revenant Liu Kang tells Raiden that Shao Kahn smashed both of his legs. Nothing good can come from that sorcerer's hands. Although Raiden’s present-self only ceases to exist when the time merger is complete. We've seen it! Cassie Cage: Just zip it and try not to die. In the keep, Kronika manipulates all Outworlders to fight against each other with the Hourglass. As the new Keeper of Time, I was overwhelmed by my responsibilities. Kronika: Shang Tsung is far too modest. Kronika then reverses time to the primordial state of the universe, erasing everyone from existence. Shang Tsung: Thank you, Fujin. In my New Era, morality will be exposed as the illusion it is. Baraka and Erron, who are surprised by Shang Tsung being alive, attack them. Sheeva: You speak when you should listen. Then Shao Kahn invaded embracing his power, taking what was his. Raiden: Step aside, Liu Kang. Tired of Earthrealm’s defiance, Kronika will bring order to the universe through any means necessary. The scene changes to Shao Kahn’s arena. Some time passes. Shang Tsung: That is the power we need to assure victory against Cetrion. He is gripped by a terrible pain, but he brings it up and stops the whirlwind of time with one wave of his hands.] As for the past iterations of the kombatants, their storyline took place 27 years ago, after Kung Lao defeated Quan Chi and Shang Tsung at nearly the end of the ninth game’s second tournament. With the Crown in hands, a Special Forces team led by Jacqui and past Jax ambushes the group, but present Jax manages to talk them down and explain the situation. Shang Tsung then uses the Hourglass to conquer all realms under his influence, with Raiden and Fujin becoming his lackeys. Jade: You have yet to convince me. Delusions of an addled mind. How do Earthrealmers profit by protecting Shang Tsung? Fujin wears the crown to prepare to open the gates of Kronika's Keep. The crowd cheerfully takes this turn of events. Sindel is the key. [Sub-Zero freezes Shang Tsung.] The mantle dies with you. They hug.] Fujin: Perhaps listen before you judge. The head of Shinnok is subjected to constant torment. Resurrected Kabal: Too slow! During the Outworld timequake, Kollector breaks free from his bondage and, along with Kotal, encounters the past versions of Skarlet, Erron Black, Baraka, Kano, Shao Kahn, Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao, Jade, and Raiden. Shang Tsung: Cetrion must be on her way. Shang Tsung: As I recall you were blood—bound to Empress Sindel… Shao Kahn: Let's finish them. Sindel: Kitana shall be put in chains. [Sonia, Johnny and Cassie are chained up and taken to the portal. Geras: Shang Tsung, Fujin, Nightwolf. They see Cetrion, along with Demons and Cyborgs, teleport away. The past Jade and Kotal scout the Lost Hive of the Kytinn, believing it is where Shao Kahn is located. For Mortal Kombat 11, the new Custom Character Variation system will be introduced, the official press release states that it will “deepen and personalize the player experience by giving them creative control of building customized versions of the character roster”. Young Shang Tsung: No. As her time is limited to save her younger parents, if one of her parents or both dies, Cassie will cease to exist, much to Raiden’s fear. [Beaten Kronika crawling on the floor.] Sindel: Where is my daughter? [Nightwolf and Fujin are lifting the coffin.] Johnny questions the gunslinger's allegiance, since his present counterpart remains in a tenuous alliance with Earthrealm by virtue of staying in Kotal Kahn's service. The Vold's seal was broken open, permitting our escape via the Hourglass.
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