Here is a spreadsheet with recommended talent points which are helpful for LKT too. Tower of Horror is a game mode introduced in Update 2.3. He can also have 20-40% chance to use special attacks, free of cost. KILL KABAL FIRST. This currency is earned by completing specific battle rating milestones in a season and based on the player's leaderboard ranking at the end of the season. This is helpful for the tougher battles to avoid certain characters to keep regeneration power to later come with an X-Ray attack. Single-player, Multiplayer A couple of characters, classes or equipment types may be chosen to give you Quest Bonus from 10% to 50%. Mortal Kombat 11 is both the 11th fighting game and the 22nd installment in the Mortal Kombat series, developed by NetherRealm Studios, QLOC & Shiver and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Unlike Challenge Mode, the boss character will not be that of the Trial's unique character. Also, this tower is one of the few game modes which has exclusive equipment. If you are new to this wiki, please look here: [1]. The individual rewards from each one of the towers are the following: The hard difficulty is second and a bit harder mode than Normal, it is unlocked upon completing a challenge in the latter difficulty. After Renown reaches 100%, you receive a “level up” and rewards like Souls, Koins, Supports, Equipment, Bronze, Silver and Gold Characters (including exclusive golds such as Mileena/Vampiress and Jason Voorhees/Slasher). Además, hay tres tipos de equipamientos: armas, armaduras y accesorios. This means 27 battles/day can be achieved by spending 300 Souls (54/600 if you refreshes both towers). In Battle 4, players must create a Martial Artist team that is Fusion III or above, capable of defeating Boss Scourge Baraka, who has 135K Health. Unstoppable Jason does this once, Slasher Jason does this twice. for Fatal) is a Boss Battle with a Gold Card or equipment card are guaranteed as reward*. Similiar to the previous towers, SRT contains 200 battles, with occasional boss fights, SRT has 2 difficulties: Normal and Fatal. Just like you would against Challenge BOSS Assassin Jade, it is recommended that players use basic attacks and save up for X-Ray Attacks without using combo enders or special attacks (in order to prevent being counterattacked and crippled for a short amount of time). After smashing the Relic you will get 12 Spirit Fragments. Collecting enough of them will cause a secret green tower to appear which has the “?” sign and holds a secret boss fight with Reptile/Klassic in the exclusive Pit arena. The first boss is Sub-Zero/Prime, being the first and only silver boss in the game, then follow all the gold tier Sub-Zeroes, Triborgs and finally diamond SZs. These missions are hard, but more rewarding than the outworld ones since they give more souls and renown when completed. Raiden Oscuro es un personaje de oro introducido en la Actualización 1.6 del juego. The higher the XP level, the better the character's stats and the highest XP level a card can reach is XP level 60 (if fusion lvl X, 50 or not). For other uses of the word "Mortal Kombat", see the disambiguation page named "Mortal Kombat". Uncommon: Black Dragon Sword, Dragon Teeth, Kobra's Boxing Gloves. After the minigame, the player will receive a certain amount of Koins, though in Relic Hunt, you will get Spirit Fragments. Fatal Blows are special moves similar to the X-ray moves in Mortal Kombat X. Also with the following of Update 2.0, alongside Circle of Shadow, comes the Strike Force Team, a full Spec Ops team with great synergizing passive abilities in order to benefit each other and give players a great sense of power. Also, this tower is one of the few game modes which has exclusive equipment. It is pretty different from the previous modes: the battles are 25 battles in the first two towers and 30 battles in all the remaining ones; the fusion and level of the opponents found here are way higher than in Hard, not to mention that the requirements are much more specific. This is because repeating 1-hour quests yield the most souls compared to running the 24h ones. Following Update 2.0, new synergizing teams have been introduced, including ones that focus primarily on Netherrealm groups such as The Circle of Shadow and Revenant pack-exclusive characters as well as Nightmare characters. This requires players to earn Talent Points by playing through 100 battles of Shao Kahn's Tower to be able to invest in various skills pertaining to OFFENSE, DEFENSE and SUPPORT. -- Cassie Cage/Covert Ops: Cassie Cage offers Spec Ops teammates a 25% unblockable chance on all attacks. for Normal and 20, 40, 60 etc. The Netherrealm requires the players to have gold or diamond characters at fusion 5 and greater, having the last towers require FX cards. Sonya can disable one of those enemies (Scorpion is recommended) and her SP2 dealing Fear on the other can bring the opportunity to face Kabal, so Johnny enters and snares him with his SP1. It is possible to simply pay Koins and Souls to skip battles. The below table shows the XP needed to level up a card for each level for each tier. This event is only held on the Outworld map, none of the netherrealm quests will give Eyes as reward. The battles get progressively harder, starting with level 1 silver characters to much harder golds and possibly diamonds. Jade (MK11) One of the first two Gold MK11 Characters introduced in the 2.0 MK Mobile update. The details of all events that have happened to MKX Mobile since launch are available in the thread below.., Below are links to guides and useful resources for MKX Mobile, Starter Guide -, Equipment Guide -, Achievement Guide -, Equipment Gallery -, Character Stats Calculations -,, Spending and Sellback Chart -, Shao Kahn's Tower and Talent Tree Chart -, Character Abbreviations List -, Character Statistics Calculator -, XP Calculator - (this sheet has to be downloaded offline and opened with MS Excel), Relic Hunt Chart - Also unlike Challenge Mode, players will have the opportunity to progress through towers with the Trial's unique character, similar to the boss towers in Battle Mode . Mortal Kombat is an American media franchise centered on a series of video games, originally developed by Midway Games in 1992. XP is earned by playing Battle Mode or Faction Wars and this is used to level up a card to make it stronger in battle. The Epic gear from this Tower has such big boosts to help players without maxed-out characters to beat it. Alongside the returning Fatalities, Brutalities, Stage Fatalities, Friendships and Quitalities, new gameplay features are introduced, such as Fatal Blows and Krushing Blows. The Quest mode introduces currencies such as the Renown, which is a percentage that increases each time a quest is finished succesfully, and resets to zero everytime it reaches 100% or a quest fails, having to climb to 100% all over again. -- Sub-Zero/Revenant: he gains 5-15% attack damage and power gain for every CoS character he is teamed with. It is a time-limited event such as Relic Hunt, Lin Kuei Tower or Tower of Horror and it rotates with them. The game was rebranded toMortal Kombaton February 27, 2019. Blast can easily decimate Scorpion with the Shield Break. Some recommended teammates include: -- Quan Chi/Warlock: He can resurrect teammates that die from Jade's X-Rays or Special Attacks which is very useful, because your resurrected character has another fighting chance against Jade. - Jason Voorhees/Unstoppable & Jason Voorhees/Slasher: They can resurrect from the heavy blows of Jade's Special Attacks or X-Rays. In Battle 3, players must create a team consisting of Spec Ops characters that are Fusion I or above, capable of defeating Boss Scorpion/Kold War, who has 65K health. Players may do the following for an advantage against Baraka: give characters equipment that boosts resistance to bleed DOT, such as Blood Stone Ring, and Outworld Gear. A third new currency called Blood Rubies, introduced with the anniversary update is exclusive to Faction Wars and is used to purchase characters/equipment from the Faction Wars Store. This weapon and some LKT exclusive equipment with damage boost will make this fight a lot easier. The Kuai Liang’s Bracers, being an uncommon tier of equipment, can be rewarded in any battle won or lost, however the Scepter is only guaranteed when beaten the wholw tower (at the end of battle 200) and it’s the only LKT gear outside the pool of possible rewards from the common battles; the other epics have a drop rate (very low) from any point of the tower. Mortal Kombat is a 1995 American fantasy martial arts action film written by Kevin Droney, directed by Paul Anderson, produced by Lawrence Kasanoff, and starring Robin Shou, Linden Ashby, Bridgette Wilson and Christopher Lambert. Her passive makes her special attacks and X-Ray attacks break one equipment piece at time; and considering that not only bosses wear equipment, but every character from battle 160 to 200, she is the best addition possible to the team. Sonya Blade/Kombat Cup + Johnny Cage/Kombat Cup + the talents Revenant and Weak Point Attacks. It is a loose adaptation of the early entries in the fighting game series Mortal Kombat and the first installment of the live-action Mortal Kombat film series. The game incorporates the roster of the console version along with exclusive characters that are playable only in the mobile version. Additionally, after completing the Normal difficulty, you can do the more challenging Hard difficulty for the same rewards plus the character-specific equipment for completing it. If done well, all three quests running should have less time to be completed. You can also spend Souls on Speed Elixirs, which instantly finish the quest. Platform(s) Mortal Kombat X may refer to: Mortal Kombat X (Video Game), the 2015 fighting game that takes place during a span of 25 years after 2011's Mortal Kombat. You can stack it up to 100%. When getting closer to the eye's goal (for example: 148/150 eyes) it's better to do 24h quests so when they yield eyes, you will have a lot remaining for the next time the moon shows up. The minigame consists of just rapidly tapping for about 6 seconds to destroy a certain object, such as a skull or a log. Players will have to choose a team to engage in Relic Hunt, after which, that team will be unavailable for other game modes other than Faction Wars. It has the Towers 11 to 18. Rating(s) Sonya Blade/Kombat Cup is another helpful integrant for the team. It was released on April 23rd, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows via Steam. The Lin Kuei Tower is the hardest game mode ever, due to the boss battles and last stages’ characters being equipped with highly-fused LKT equipment. Uncommon: Kuai Liang’s Bracers, Ice Bomb and Frozen Mummy. Developer(s) The cost for healing the team begins with 10 Souls and will increase its price for every purchase, meaning that it should be used sparingly and only in emergency to avoid wasting Souls. It is especially noted for its digitized sprites (which differentiated it from its contemporaries' hand-drawn sprites), and its mix of bloody and brutal action; its graphic Fatality killing moves contributed to the founding of the ESRB. You can refresh twice every day, for a maximum of 9 battles for 100 Souls. Se puede obtenerlo mediante su desafío y es un personaje único debido a que su pasiva invierte muchas de las mecánicas del juego, obligando al contrincante a re-pensar su estrategia. These equipment pieces are the following: The Lin Kuei Tower introduces unique Boss Battles where the mechanics are similar to Relic Hunt but in reverse: the remaining health of the boss is carried on the next battle, since all LKT boss battles are timed. There's Blood rubies that can be used to buy exclusive characters/equipment cards in the faction store The Most expensive things in the store are the exclusive character cards and the cheapest are the equipment cards. Those pieces give the characters boosts only available within this tower, and will make the battles a lot easier as this equipment is being fused. There are currently 139 characters in theMortal Kombat X Mobilegame, and they are: … Fighting Do not spend souls on elixirs or potions, let the quests end in time and form since you are rewarded with free souls, no matter how; wasting them on these boosts will not give you any earnings compared to the rewards given if letting the quests run alone. The Equipment Cards can be repaired using Blood Rubies to buy repair cards for the rarity of the Equipment Card. Once again; following Update 2.0, alongside Circle of Shadow and Strike Force teams, comes the Ronin team. After smashing the Relic you will get 18 Spirit Fragments. MK11 characters such as MK11 Jade and MK11 Kabal were available in challenges which starts out immediately at Elder difficulty. The battles get progressively harder, starting with low-level F0 Golds to a full FX LVL 60 Diamond team on battle 200. The strategy is the following: DO NOT USE ANY DOT, AVOID DEALING FIRE, BLEED OR POISON. It is a bunch of special abilities separated into 3 sections: OFFENSE, DEFENSE, and SUPPORT. Since the tower is highly difficult, dealing with certain teams requires more attention, better and very different strategies. The quests last from 1 hour to 1 day, and they have a range of difficulty from Low to Extreme, where a higher difficulty and duration give better rewards. -- Jacqui Briggs/Kosplay: Because Kold War Scorpion is Netherrealm, it is wise for Jacqui to choose either Tremor (Brown) for a 30% Lethal Blow chance and Stun on Special 2, or Ermac (Red) for Reflect Damage when blocking Special Attacks and Vampirism on Special 2. On March 2, 2015, NetherRealm Studios announced that their mobile division would release an iOS/Android version of Mortal Kombat X in April 2015. These characters include: -- Kenshi/Ronin: unfortunately, his passive ability does not grant himself and his Ronin teammates an advantage in battle against Baraka since he only grants +30% damage boost for every Ronin on the team against Martial Artists, which will prove to be useless since Baraka is an Outworld character. Banner background: background that appears behind your user name. He also grants +5-15% chance for lethal blow to CoS characters. Thunder God Raiden is the first known challenge character. Beating battle 200 in the Normal tower rewards the player with a random Diamond Character card, and the Fatal tower rewards the player with diamond Scorpion. Every battle gives a random reward which includes Koins, Souls, equipment and Gold Characters too, even if the player loses. It is a battle tower of 100 battles that awards Koins, Souls, Spirit Fragments and the exclusive Talent Points, which are used in the Talent Tree. However, the drop rate of good rewards is quite lower than in Tower of Horror. Also, this mode adds the Reptile Eyes, only on his limited event. It is also possible for up to three challenges to run at the same time. By playing the mobile game and completing certain challenges, you can unlock content for the console version of the game. One character that can be very useful on later levels is Sonya Blade/Kombat Cup since she can disable one fighter from the enemy team (the stronger for example), so the player can focus on killing the other ones before giving full attention to the toughest character. Below is a complete list of all cross-platform unlockables. When the tower is beaten, it rewards the player with a random diamond Sub-Zero and both Kuai Liang gear: Bracers and Scepter so the Sub-Zero can perform a Brutality. Special 2 can be unlocked and upgraded only when your character reaches lvl 5. Each trial has five towers; trial towers 1-4 has 5 fights and tower 5 has 6, including a boss battle. The Kove and Lin Kuei Temple Support Cards. Rambo made his debut as DLC as part of the Kombat Pack 2. X-Rays and Fatalities have also made a return to the game but with a twist. Relic Hunt is a new game mode that is introduced in Update 1.15. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc While the quests are active, you can't use the characters or the equipment sent on quest while on the different game modes, however Faction Wars allows those characters and the equipment can be used only if you put them out of the character doing the quest in the Edit Team mode. Some players that did not experience the bug and continued to complete the Jade Trial were given another opportunity to gain another copy of her card, meaning it was a free fusion. It’s made of a full MK11 team composed of Scorpion/MK11, Jade/MK11 and Kabal/MK11. Genre(s) -- Jacqui Briggs/High Tech: Jacqui Briggs can help your team a lot with extra power generation. So far, the only other known way to acquire Trial characters is via the MK11 Diamond Pack, which costs 400 souls per purchase. The higher your percentage is, the higher your chance of success is. When having enough eyes, players will need to first summon Klassic Reptile by tapping on the 'Summon' button in the secret tower, after which, they can proceed to prepare for the fight against him. Lots of Koin rewards and Upgrade cards. We are currently looking for more active contributors that could potentially help with completing articles by filling in gaps with information about characters, equipment, packs, events, etc. Challenge battles can be done alongside Battle Mode without resetting progress. However, Rare equipment and character reward chances are very low. Every 20 battles, a Gold Card is guaranteed as reward (if the player wins). With their Special Attacks being unblockable and Kabal having multiple free Fatal Blows, this is indeed a brutal battle. All battles are timed and with each five battles, the time to complete a fight is reduced, being the shorter time equal to 60 seconds in the three last battles of the last tower. Before Update 2.0, Sonya Blade/Kold War, Kenshi/Ronin, Kung Lao/Revenant, Kitana/Dark Empress, Johnny Cage/Undead Hunter, Scorpion/Kold War, Kitana/Day of the Dead, Freddy Krueger/Nightmare, Sub-Zero/Kold War, Jade/Assassin, Jade/Day of the Dead, Erron Black/Day of the Dead, Kitana/Ronin, Takeda/Ronin, Leatherface/Pretty Lady, Kitana/Day of the Dead, Quan Chi/Tournament & Cassie Cage/Punk were all Challenge characters before they became Diamond.
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