BASE DE DATOS DEL PROYECTO JM019 “Modelado de la distribución geográfica de las especies incluidas en los grupos Sceloporus grammicus, Sceloporus megalepidurus y Sceloporus torquatus (Phrynosomatidae: Squamata)” Forma de citar: Mejía, O., Y. León-Romero y N. Martínez-Méndez. Adults of the lizard Sceloporus torquatus binocularis Dunn. English: Torquate Lizard español: Espinosa de collar Retrieved from "" A new subspecies. Since that time, this lizard has been men-tioned only sparingly in the literature 1., Martin, P. S. 1952. SCELOPORUS torquatus binocularis Dunn (1936) was described on the basis of three juvenile specimens collected from a trail between Pablillo and Alamar and from the hills above Pablillo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. › Sceloporus Choose one > Sceloporus torquatus binocularis > Sceloporus torquatus melanogaster > Sceloporus torquatus torquatus All lower taxonomy nodes (3) Common name i Sceloporus torquatus binocularis is a subspecies of reptiles with 47 observations Herpetologica, 29:53-55, fig. 2014. The genus Sceloporus is one of the largest genus of lizards in North and Central America, with 22 species groups. Animales Animalia Cordados Chordata Reptiles Reptilia Lagartijas y Serpientes Squamata Lagartijas espinosas, camaleones y parientes Phrynosomatidae Lagartijas espinosas Sceloporus Lagartija espinosa de hocico negro Sceloporus melanorhinus Sceloporus torquatus is a species of reptiles with 2432 observations
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