For a list of other meanings, see Timeline (disambiguation). Combiner Wars and Titans Return were not only popular, but also sold very, very well. Transformers Timelines (toyline) From Transformers Wiki. Timelines; Toyline; Fiction; Games of Deception. DEVASTATOR. Now that WFC and SS86 are ongoing, Prime Wars is less in-demand. MENASOR. Jump to: navigation, search. That's the reason why these Siege figures were up for sale way before the series's release itself. OPTIMUS MAXIMUS. The name or term "Timeline" refers to more than one character or idea. Teams of Autobots and Decepticons combine to form giant super robots called Combiners and fight for control of the universe, part one of the Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy! Universe 2 (2008) | Continuity: ”CHUG“ (US) | Generations: Combiner Wars → Japan Equivalent: United (2010), Generations (Japan) (FOC), Legends (Thrilling 30) In 2010, Hasbro replaced the Universe 2 (2008) toyline with Transfomers: Generations as a new catch-all for reimaginings of old characters or other toys that didn’t fit into the ongoing Transformers fiction. Assortment #CW-Voyager - Combiner Wars Voyager Battle Core Optimus Prime (Combiner Wars, Optimus Maximus) Cyclonus (Combiner Wars) Hot Spot (Combiner Wars) With sales of the Generation 2 toyline proving unremarkable by 1995, Hasbro faced a choice: end the Transformers brand for a second time, or completely revamp the concept. The new franchise consisted entirely of robots who transformed into beasts: insects, mammals, and more. Even with remolds, characters that haven't been seen since G1 or in their G1 form saw a release. PotP was less successful, but some elements sold very well while others less so. These figures and the animation that they inspired seem to go for a more stiff, less cartoonish look almost resembling the original G1 (Generation 1) line of Transformers action figures and animation from the 1980s. The name Galvatronus has been used for multiple Combiner characters but originated in the collector oriented “Generations” toyline. They chose the second option, and Beast Wars was the result.. DEFENSOR. The Transformers battle gets even bigger with Transformers Generations: Combiner Wars! But then Takara complicated things further by also branding the 1987 Combiner teams (the Technobots and the Terrorcons) as part of ... Smitty.1981 The Machine Wars Guy. The toyline in itself features extremely animation accurate paint jobs. At TFSource, we aren’t just another online collectible toy store, with a small selection of collectible action figures or basic Transformers collector toys—we’re passionate, dedicated fans and collectors just like you! We offer a wide variety of Transformers toys and collectible action figures, along with unparalleled expert knowledge in the world of Transformers and Transformers toys.
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